Older. Undeniably. Bigger. Sure. Wiser? Maybe. Listen up for the lessons we learned in 2017.

1. The Tourmalet is great, The Twourmalet is difficult, but still pretty great.


2. 10kph is a totally acceptable average speed if you stop at enough pubs on the way

3. Racing is surprisingly fun (as long as you don’t crash)

ktg gif.gif

4. Cinnamon Buns are life

5. Much Hadham Ford should only be crossed in a straight line, and never touch the brakes

oli smith ford .gif

6. Beer doesn’t make you time trial faster, but when everyone is equally handicapped who really cares?


Happy New Year! Leave no drop undrunk and we'll catch you in 2018 🍻

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7. Mallorca is sunnier than Surrey in March. The roads are a bit smoother too.


8. We don’t have any 5* cobbled Roubaix sectors in London, but pretending the Thames path is 4* is still fun

9. The jeopardy of missing the last train home from Brighton on a Wednesday will give you 30 extra watts


11. Kitting out a cycling team in Africa is awesome and how they now look is even awesomer

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12. You can ride from London to Truro in two days, but be prepared to spend more on food than you would have spent on a train ticket.


13. There’s other people out there just like us. Such as these guys.

14. London-Brighton-London is doable in January. But it’s much more fun in July.

15. If you’re going to ride Mont Ventoux you might as well do it three times


Sunrise on Ventoux, ft. Moon.

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16. Never stop at traffic lights in Crystal Palace


17. Mornings in Regent’s Park are nicer than nights

18. People just don’t understand our silly name (no, it's not just for boys, or big people)

after last rule.JPG

19. If you need to ask, the answer is always 'Yes, it is time to stop for a coffee.'


20. Fred Whitton is the best day on a bike in the UK (if the weather is like this year)


Fred Whitton was fun 📈

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21. Ironman is long and quite difficult and has weird non cycling things involved

22. Red Hook Crit is the future. Probably about time we bought some track bikes and tried out being the other side of the barriers.


23. It rains more in the Pyrenees than the Alps


Just another sunny day in the Pyrenees

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24. Being a sheep in Devon seems tougher than being a goat in Mallorca

welcome to the moor.jpg

25. Flo’s our most photogenic rider. Thank god he’s back from Brazil


26. It’s nice when random people say “hey, nice kit.”


27. If you like coffee and pastries, go to Italy. Pizza is good wherever you eat it.

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