On Saturday we headed down to the Red Hook Crit. It was pretty lit. We almost lost our shit.

Red Hook Crit began ten years ago in New York, with the aim of 'making bike racing fun for spectators'. Now, we like to think we know fun, and this particular bike race had it in bucketloads. The riders are real showmen, the kids they hoiked in off the street to do wheelies around the track brought their own flares, and there were even a couple of good old fashioned slide-outs to keep our bloodlust sated.

One rider even crashed out, then – thinking his race was over – chinned a beer he took from a spectator. The organisers then told him he had to rejoin the race. So he got back on the front of the leading group and chugged 400w for 10 more laps.

If there were ever a physical manifestation of the Way of Big, it's that guy. 

The next one is 2 September in Barcelona. Fancy it?