Yorkshire. Home of proper brews, reet good pies and the world's newest, most enthusiastically-supported stage race.

Two Big Boys were lucky enough to be invited up to take part in the sportive of the Tour de Yorkshire as guests of Yellow Jersey Cycling Insurance, a company that does insurance. For cycling. 

After mustering outside East Croydon station, the weekend dramatically improved as we drove further and further north. Eventually reaching the modern day Elysium that is Rotherham.


Rotherham is brilliant. It has at least one fine curry house, where we fuelled up the night before the ride, and at least one Holiday Inn, where we rested our weary heads for a night. It also had one taxi driver who picked us up and immediately admitted to having absolutely no idea where he was taking us. 

We did eventually arrive at the start and kick off the ride. The route of the Tour de Yorkshire sportive quite cruelly begins with an ascent of Pearoyd Lane, one of the UK's toughest climbs. Woodall disappeared up it like a rat up a drain pipe, while Owen took a more sedate pace to reach the top. 

After that baptism of fire, the rest of the parcours was fairly pleasant. There were hills aplenty, sure, but also some absolutely fantastic scenery to make it all relatively painless. 

Once again, mega thanks to Yellow Jersey for hooking us up and giving us some sweet new threads. BUY THEIR INSURANCE. IT IS THE BEST INSURANCE. REALLY, TERRIFIC INSURANCE.