Why start a bike club? Because it's awesome. But also because when we first thought we might like to join a bike club we couldn't find one that didn't seem totally elitist and unwelcoming.

So we made up our own and gave it a silly name. 

It's easy to define yourself as a list of what you're nots. And what we're not, first of all, is a traditional cycling club. We don't demand you buy our kit before you join. We don't stipulate minimum speeds at which you must be able to ride – although we might stalk you a bit on Strava when you first get in touch, but that's really just because we're nosy. We won't even demand you remove the tri bars from your bike before riding with us – although we reserve the right to keep quietly considering them to be an aberration. 

We won't ever turn someone away who wants to ride with BBBC. 

There's every chance that all those other clubs we thought about joining are full of wonderful, warm, friendly and funny human beings, but sadly they do a really good job of hiding that under layers and layers of unfriendly language and moody ride photos. Or they just never reply to emails. What is it with bike people and never replying to emails?

All you need to join BBBC is the desire to do so. And a bike to ride. Honestly, even that last part isn't mandatory. 

Also, guys, lets talk about membership fees. Paying for the privilege of buying our kit and riding your bike with a bunch of awesome people? What's that about? BBBC is free to join. And it always will be.